How to Make a Lawn Mower Fast in 7 basic way

How to Make a Lawn Mower Fast

How to Make a Lawn Mower Fast: Do you want a neat and healthy landscape? OK, I think it is hard to find someone who doesn’t aspire to a beautiful and healthy landscape. If you are one of those persons to make a beautiful lawn, you need to mow it very carefully, but you need to bear in mind that you don’t want to waste too much time by trimming because you may have other jobs or other important tasks.

Time and Strategy: It is a crucial part for you to mow your lawn and have an excellent cut to obtain a stunning design of your lawn grass and cutting down your mowing time to make your job a little more pleasing as well. To get a neat and healthy landscape, you have to concentrate on both your time and mowing strategy.

If you have a large or small lawn, you need to follow the fastest mowing way, depending on your lawn’s size and shape. Also, which method suit your yard is vital, so it is important to test one or two methods to observe and determine which suits you best. But in many cases, someone said that they follow the best way, but they haven’t got their desired result. So this article is for those people who feel bored with their mower.

Need super fast speed: I think the main problem with your dull mood is the slower speed of your lawn. Am I right?- Yeah, indeed, this is the main fact of your slow pace and dull mood, and it is high time for you to turn your lawn mower slower to superfast to save your much time to do other jobs or to get a respite.

But it is not an easy task for you to make your lawn mower faster; you have to do some extra care while operating it. It will be easy for you to get a superfast speed if you follow some techniques and necessary things while mowing.

How to Make a Lawn Mower Fast

In this article, I will tell you some necessary tricks and tips to make your mower faster and prioritize your safety. So, let’s go.

Safety first:

If you are eager for a faster mower or wish to race with your mower, the first thing you have to keep in mind is your safety. It is the most crucial part of you, so you have to wear safety equipment, including putting the respective safety gear like gloves, helmet, goggles, boots, and long pants, which will keep you away from serious injury. Also, you have to follow the mower safety rules and regulations according to your mower model.

Start with specific features:

If your mower has specific features that will be difficult to mow your lawn in a uniform pattern, you can easily remove this barrier by getting those areas out of the way first. For example, if you have a flower bed, ornamental trees or walkways, landscaping rocks, buildings, gardens, and statues, you have to mow around these areas first, then go to your main mowing job and follow your chosen pattern. It will give you an easy and quick result.

Mowing in Rows:

It is an essential point. Mow your lawn in rows to make your job faster and efficient. It will give you an effective cut, but in this case, your rows’ direction is essential. If you have a lawn more expansive than its length, you must follow mowing in horizontal rows. Working in rows reduces the number of turns effectively, and thus it will reduce your working time and offer you a quick job as we know more turning gives a slower speed to your mower.

On the other hand, if your lawn has a greater length than the width, you have to follow mowing in raw parallels to the width and get a quick result. If you follow this strategy, you will get fewer turns while mowing, which gives you a fast cut. If you have a square lawn, you have to work in rows that go in either direction. It is also essential for you to overlap your rows slightly because you might have missed a spot on your first mowing.

Follow in a concentric circle if it’s useful for you:

If you find that work in rows is not practical for you and takes too much of your mowing time, you can consider a concentric circle pattern. You also have to follow the same principle that you follow as working in rows to reduce the number of your turns and reduce the working time you needed for that.

It is also efficient for you because all of your mower turns are in the same direction. If you have flower beds or trees, concentric circles cut will give you an easy and quick job since you already mow in a circular motion. So, estimate the direction which suits you and follow the path.

Create a double spiral:

While you follow the fast and effective concentric circle pattern, it will end up in the center of your lawn. But it may cause ill-favored tracks and crushed vegetation when you roll the mower off the lawn. If you want to avoid winding up with your mower in the center, you have to try a double spiral pattern instead. This pattern is efficient, but you have to move your mower in an “S” shape, and it will push back to you in the direction you came.

Process for making your mower faster

1. Remove the bolts:

The bolts that hold the hood of your mower in place should remove altogether. It is essential which supplies maximum airflow over your engine.

2. Install larger wheels:

Larger wheels have a more significant advantage of covering a more considerable distance in less time. For this, you have to adjust the cutting height so that it can not disturb your blades when it works.

3. Inspect the mower muffler:

It is also essential for you to regularly inspect the mower muffler and ensure no holes or cracks. Any cavities or cracks in the muffler will lead to a reduction of your mower speed very severely.

4. Remove the governor:

First, you have to identify the governor on the mower engine and then fix it by removing it as soon as possible. If you don’t remove it, it will be a cause of the reduction of the mower speed.

5. Reduce the size of spring:

Reduction of the spring’s size located on its governor is also essential to make your mower faster. You can also altogether remove the spring.

6. Remove the flywheel housing:

If you want to remove the governor to get a maximum speed of your lawn, at first, you have to remove the flywheel housing by using a wrench; otherwise, you can’t remove the governor. After removing it, please don’t forget to put the housing cover back in place; otherwise, you will face some difficulties.

7. Clean the air filter regularly:

You must need to clean the air filter regularly as the gas and other particles clog it. If your air filter is clogged, it reduces air going into the engine and makes it slow. So clean it now and then.

More tips to make mower faster:

Purchase a perfect model:

It is the most important thing to make your work faster, so you have to purchase a perfect lawnmower model that suits best on your lawn. The tricky mechanism is to use the manual to take necessary precautions.

Re-adjust the pulley system:

The essential part of a belt-driven lawnmower is altering the sizes of its pulley system. If you want to get a better result from the lawn, you have to expand the pulley’s size at the posterior of the mower and in the pulley connected with the engine. You will get a better and faster speed from the lawn if you make this adjustment.

Make sure the blades are super sharp:

You need to ensure that your mower blades are super sharp to cut the grass in your desired size easily. A moderate speed of the mower in which you feel comfortable to move easier largely depends on the sharpness of blades. It will help you more comfortable moving, and there is no need for double passing over the area you already cut, so it leads to a reduction of the mowing time.

Fill your gas tank or fully charge your battery:

If you have a gas-powered mower, you have to fill your gas tank with clean gasoline of 92-octane or above. This pure gasoline helps your engine run much smoother, making it more effective than lower octane fuel. So, maximize the power to achieve more incredible speed. If your mower has chargeable battery features, you must fully charge your battery before mowing to get an interruptible working facility while your gas is ended up. On the other hand, if electric-powered, ensure the flow of electricity supply and electric cord.

Keep the tires clean:

It would be best if you kept your mower tires clean and tidy to get a speedy mower. It is also an essential part of your life to keep your tires clean and ensure it is well inflated.

Ensure top shape:

You must ensure that your mower is in top shape. You can keep your mower in prime condition by developing proper maintenance, which will provide you with a fast-moving.

Avoid overcut:

Always, you have to bear in mind that you must avoid excessive cutting of your lawn. You might have to cut frequently, but it lessens your working time dramatically. It also facilitates you with a quick result and provides more comfortable mowing by increasing your grass’s length.

Set a suitable mowing pattern:

You have to set your best mowing pattern, which is suitable for you and your lawn. You have to go in long straight lines as much as possible.

Final thought:

A fast lawn mower provides you with a massive number of benefits, and for this, you will be able to mow a considerable yard faster. It is an essential piece of equipment for lawn owners as well as for homeowners. If you follow the above methods, tips, and tricks dramatically, it can make your mower faster than before. I hope this article will be helpful for you and you will be able to know how you get a well-maintained lawn in less time.

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