Top 11 Best Copper Pipe Cutter (Recommended)

Best Copper Pipe Cutter: A pipe cutter is a type of apparatus used by the technician to cut the pipe. The tool is often a swift, clean, and more effective way of cutting pipe than using a hacksaw, however, it depends on the pipe’s metal. The technician often has to treat leaking copper pipes that they cut and fix. The copper pipe cutters greatly help them to cut such sturdy tubes. Copper pipe cutters are available on the market in many types from different manufacturers. Choosing the right and good quality copper pipe cutter is now quite challenging. I hope you’ll find your desired copper pipe cutter from this article.

Best Copper Pipe Cutter

We have analyzed product information, additional information, technical details with customer rating, customer questions & answers, customer reviews. Compare with some similar items finally we make a list of the 11 best copper pipe cutters and pipe cutter alternatives. We hope this article will guide you to choose the best one.

1. Rolson Copper pipe cutter

The Rolson copper pipe cutter is a fantastic, complete solution and effective on smooth cutting. This great product has been manufacture with great care and excellent tools suitable for DIY lovers. With its refined build, rotary action, top of the line, and all-inclusive clarity. It provides a beautiful combination of features essential for current projects.

Key features:

  • ‌Rotary Action 22 mm copper pipe cutter with spare blade ideal for cutting 15 mm copper pipe in close quarters.
  • ‌The product dimension is 10×4.5×13 cm and 120 Grams.
  • ‌The product size is 15 mm.
  • ‌The item weight is 120 g.
  • ‌It is supplied with a spare cutting blade.
  • ‌It has a portable design.


  • ‌Super easy to use
  • ‌The cutting wheels are likely to be a bit soft and wear quickly
  • ‌No batteries requirement
  • ‌It is suitable for DIY enthusiasts


  • ‌The blade of the copper cutter did not long-lasting.
  • ‌The construction of the copper pipe is coarse and inaccurate.
  • ‌It is not suitable for a professional purpose.
  • ‌It is poorly implemented, keep sticking.
  • ‌It is cheap but not good value for the professional.

You can analyze the advantages and limitations of the Rolson copper pipe cutter.  You may found that it is suitable for DIY purposes and can get it at a very cheap rate.

2. Silverline 633915 model pipe cutter

Suppose you need different types of pipe cutter for a more interactive and practical task. Silverline 633915 model pipe cutter may be the best choice for you, because of the hardwearing zinc-alloy body with powder coating for magnificent corrosion resistance. It can cut 22 mm copper pipe for household plumbing applications. It is made with a durable and robust steel wheel blade and rollers for clean, square cuts without spiralling. Now you can become familiar with key features-

Key features:

  • ‌The product dimension is 16.1×3.3×12.4 cm; 240 Grams.
  • ‌Its weight is 240 g and the size is 22 mm.
  • ‌It has a 16 mm blade diameter with a 2.75 mn bore.
  • ‌It has a heavy-duty zinc die-cast body.
  • ‌The cutting wheel is made from hardened and tempered steel.
  • ‌It can perform quick, neat cuts in copper pipes.


  • ‌It has a strong and durable steel wheel blade and rollers for clean square cuts without spiraling.
  • ‌Neat, compact design for effective utilize in cupboards.
  • ‌It can cuts copper pipe quickly and neatly.
  • ‌It is suitable for tight spaces.


  • ‌It is not perfect for water pipes specially for more than  20 mm.
  • ‌The paint has been scraped off and the blade is rusty.

So, you can analyze the advantages and limitations of Silverline for your wiser purchase.

3. Bahco 302-35 model Tube cutter

Bahco 302-35 model Tube cutter is Amazon’s best choice due to its incredible features. It can cut the pipe from 3 mm to 35 mm diameters and cut aluminium, copper, bronze, and steel tubes. The hefty knob allows a fast reconciliation from one diameter to another with the body—the knob in cast aluminium shelter with TPE to get a firm and convenient grip. You can get an extra cutting wheel to replace with the previous cutting wheel.

Key features:

  • ‌The product dimensions are 7.49×24.99×3.99 cm; 300 Grams.
  • ‌The product weight is 300 g.
  • ‌Capable of cutting diameters from 3 mm to 35 mm.
  • ‌The hefty knob works for fast adjustment of different diameters.
  • ‌It is suitable to cut copper, bronze, aluminum, and steel tubes.


  • ‌It has a solid build and compact design.
  • ‌It can be worked great for cutting mm steel curtain pole.
  • ‌Compare to other products price at Amazon,  the cost of this commodity is reasonable.

Limitations :

  • ‌The cutting wheel is not fully accomplished.
  • You can analyze the key features and advantages of these products.  It will be the best choice for your professional work.

4. Rothenberg pipeslice Tube cutter

Suppose you want to like different types of pipe slice tube cutters. The Rothenberg pipe slice Tube cutter may best suit you for doing your task thoroughly. It has a compact design that allowed you to be utilized in constricted spaces.

Key features:

  • ‌The product dimension is 3.94×3.94×3.94 inches.
  • ‌Item weight is 9.2 ounces.
  • ‌No batteries are required.
  • ‌Single-handed cutting action.


  • ‌It is capable of accurate cutting.
  • ‌Super easy to use and provide the perfect finish to the pipe.


  • ‌Difficult to use for some newbies.

After analyzing the advantages and limitations, you may choose the Rothenber pipe slice Tube cutter for your plumbing task.

5. Monument Autocut Copper Pipe cutter

Monument Autocut Copper Pipe cutter is perfect for cutting the exact size of a pipe, but not suitable for stainless steel. This cutter is fit for cutting in cumbersome places. It is ideal for cutting in one direction, so you get the perfect cut edge all the time, so this will help figure out leaks and uneven joints.

Key features :

  • ‌The product dimensions are 3×11.8×3 cm; 210 Grams.
  • ‌The product size is 15 mm available in multicolor.
  • ‌The material and finish are aluminum.
  • ‌No batteries are required and the item weight is 210 g.
  • Now, we discuss some advantages and limitations of this product –


  • ‌It can capable of cutting copper pipe in embracing places.
  • ‌It will only cut the desired size of the copper pipe.
  • ‌Capable to cut from one direction.
  • ‌It has ratchet handles.
  • ‌It is effective to solve leaks and uneven joints.


  • ‌It ratcheting handle are poorly riveted.

You can analyze the advantages and limitations of the Monument Autocut Copper Pipe cutter and found that it may best be suited for your home task. It has a public review of 4.8 out of 5,  proved that it is one of the best copper pipe cutters.

6. Draper Expert Tubing Cutter

The Draper Expert Tubing Cutter is quite different from others tubing cutter. It has an adjustable cutter with a die-cast body. The hardened steel blade makes it more efficient. Also, it has two flare groove rollers. The combination of a retractable reamer with a spare cutting wheel makes the modified knob.

Key features:

  • ‌The product dimensions are 24.2×9.4×3 cm; 331.12 Grams.
  • ‌The product size is 3 mm to 30 mm and the color is blue.
  • ‌The product weight is 331 g.
  • ‌The adapting knob also embeds a contractible reamer and spare cutting wheel.
  • Now we discuss the advantages and limitations of the Draper Expert Tubing Cutter-


  • ‌It has an adaptable tubing cutter with a die-cast body.
  • ‌It has an inured steel blade and two flare groove rollers.
  • ‌It is suitable to reduce the length of the curtain pole.
  • ‌You can use this cutter for cutting a stainless steel  28 mm curtain pole.


  • ‌The blade of this cutter is a bit naff.

You can analyze the advantages and limitations of the Draper Expert Tubing Cutter. It has got 4.7 out of 5 reviews from the Amazon buyer community. It may best suit you.

7. GOCHAGE Mini Tube Cutter

If you want to high-end, mini tube cutter, the GOCHAGE Mini Tube Cutter is a fascinating fit. It is suitable to cut effectively and smoothly pipe cutter. It has a sharp cutoff of 3-22 mm. It provides an adaptable design, comfortable to utilize on gears, and a low price for all wrapped in one instrument.

It is a suitable cutting instrument for your home decoration, circuit analyzers, and vehicle mechanics. This cutting tool has robust, frivolous slide and wheel lodging, and a comprehensive burled endorse screw handle provides an essential command of cutting weight for a clean cut.

Key features:

  • ‌The product dimension is 4×5×6 cm; 100 Grams.
  • ‌Material is stainless steel and product weight is 100 g.
  • ‌The product is durable and stiff to corrosion and rust.
  • ‌It has a strong, slight slide and a grooved screw knob offer easy control of cutting strain for clean cuts when you twist the bolt.
  • ‌It is suitable for cutting a diameter between 3 mn and 28 mm.
  • ‌It has a wide cutting capacity. It is suitable for cutting hard and soft copper, aluminum, thin-walled stainless steel pipes.
  • ‌It has dedicated tools. The instrument is suitable for your home means, plumbers, linemen, and vehicle mechanics.


  • ‌The mini tube cutter is particularly configured for employ in small diameter, especially for circumscribed space.
  • ‌It is effective for cutting a region of copper pipe for water supply.
  • ‌It is suitable for housing and trading schemes.
  • ‌It is effective to work on industry-grade manufacture.
  • ‌It is outstanding while cutting through diverse materials.


  • ‌It can be a slight shift a small bit of pressure when working on a pipe.
  • ‌It has to replace different types of hacksaw while working with complicated metal.

You can analyze the advantages and limitations of GOCHAGE Mini Tube Cutter. It got the Amazon best choice badge and got a 4.4 out of the 5 reviews from the Amazon buyer community.  It may best suit your home task.

8. Stanley Auto Pipe Cutter

Suppose you want spontaneous wheel tension, so that you may not need to put extra pressure while cutting pipes. The Stanley Auto Pipe Cutter is the best suit for you due to have precisely automatic pressure function. Top plumbers and electricians also recommended it. The pipe cutter provides an additional grip that ensures doing your task without any hassle. It offers swift and fair cuts without any difficulty. The automated wheel tension provides excellent and practical support to cut more thick tube pipe.

Key features:

  • ‌Product dimension: 15.01× 8×3 cm; 180 Grams.
  • ‌Persistent metal body for everlasting working life.
  • ‌A corrugated profile for additional grip.
  • ‌Robotic wheel tension.
  • ‌Effective for fast, clean cuts.
  • ‌It has a ridged profile that provides extensive grip.
  • ‌It has a cast metal body, effective to cut down 15 mm pipes within seconds.


  • ‌‌No additional instrument is needed.
  • The sharp and inured blade is highly effective for cutting through brass, aluminum, rubber, and steel pipes.
  • ‌The robotic modification aptitude is making it different from its competition.
  • ‌The Stanley Auto Pipe Cutter is much affordable than its rivals, considering the feature of the cut and durability.


  • ‌It has only capable to cut down 15 mm pipe, not effective for some users.

You can analyze the advantages and limitations of the Stanly Auto Pipe Cutter. It has got 4.7 out of 5 reviews from the Amazon seller community. It may be a game-changer for your home or office task.

9. Tooltoo Pipe Tube Cutter

The Tooltoo Pipe Cutter effectively cuts extensive tube pipes, including aluminium, copper, stainless steel, brass, and plastic tubing. It is best proficient for a wide variety of plumbing jobs. The spin clamp will maintain the pipe where the best quality blade provides clean and smooth cuts. Thrust bearing slide assemblies offer smooth and more effective operation. Its tube cutter is built of alloy steel proficient for heavy-duty cutting function.

The ultra-sharp cutting wheel helps to cut through any tubing more swiftly and effectively. The cutter is suitable for tubes with diameter between 0-2″ — 2″ / 5 –50 mm. The adjustment knob moved smoothly and did not slip when in use. The cutter is sharp, and the rollers held the pipes securely in position.

Key Features:

  • ‌The product dimension is 18.5×7×5 cm; 520 Grams.
  • ‌The item weight is 520 g and the product color is silver.
  • ‌It is the more efficacious cutting job in the plumbing sector due to made of alloy steel.
  • ‌The mighty sharp wheel and modification knob will let you cut tubes more swiftly and smoothly.
  • ‌The cutting range between 5 mm to 50 mm.
  • ‌There is a potential bearing side assembly for the smooth operations of the tools.
  • ‌The apparatus can cut plastic, aluminum, steel, copper,  brass, and other types of material.
  • ‌Compare to other types of tube cutters in the market this product is flexible and persistent.
  • ‌The tool has versatile colors including blue and silver.
  • ‌The adjustment knob moves smoothly and won’t slip when in use.
  • ‌The cutter does an effective task with a minimum burr to clean up.
  • ‌The cutter can be easily manageable,  helps by removing the spring clip which holds the cutter in place.


  • ‌It is diversified and versatile.
  • ‌It can cut through a wide wide variety of tubing material.
  • ‌It is made of robust alloy steel to everlasting.
  • ‌It offers clean edges at a cheap rate.


  • ‌From the customer’s review the blade is not sharp enough to cut through steel.

You can analyze the advantages and limitations of the Tooltoo Pipe Cutter.  It may be the best suit for your both office and home plumbing task.

10. RIDGID 57018 Model Copper Tubing Cutter

You can choose the RIDGID 57018 model Copper Tubing Cutter due to its exceptional features to cut 15/22 mm Copper Tubes. The tool has been able to cut copper tubes swiftly and effectively. It comes with various types of skills that aid to connect the tool to the pipe swiftly. The spring-loaded cutter wheel places constant pressure on the pipe to aid a quick and efficient cut on everyone’s uses that will help you save a lot of your valuable time. It is incredible for its steadfast “c” size cutter the worldwide to cut two sizes 15 and 22 mm of copper tubing. Here now we discuss some key features of this product.

Key features:

  • ‌The apparatus has extraordinary screwdriver slots that provide an extra advantage when making cuts in exceeding tight spaces.
  • ‌It has snap-on characteristics that offer a swift pipe connection.
  • ‌RIDGID has an x-cell wheel pin for quick wheel replacement.  There has no tools or disassembly of the housing prerequisite.
  • ‌The product dimensions are 22×16×3 cm; 249.48 Grams.
  • ‌The item weight is 249 Grams and available in multi colors.
  • ‌The manufacturing authority provides a standard one-year warranty including industrial fault.


  • ‌It is a better copper tubing cutter for 15 and 25 mm tubes.
  • ‌It can capable of cuts smart and rapidly.
  • ‌No need for having unscrewed and unlock to acquire at the cutting wheel.
  • ‌It is time-saving and can cut in stiff spaces.
  • ‌It is world Ist committed “C” style cutter.


  • ‌The pin holding on the cutting wheel turns loose after several uses review from some buyers.

You can analyze the advantages and limitations of RIDGID 57018 Model Copper Tubing Cutter. It may incredible and the best workout for your office or home project.

11. General Copper Tubing Cutter

If you want to work in tight spaces, the General Copper Tubing Cutter may best suit you. It is excellent to work on tight areas and cut copper tubing with less than one clearance inch. It is an extraordinary tool when you have to access a full-size tubing cutter in your sewing room. It is perfect for stub out the task. Also, it is faster than the traditional cutter. It needed only snap at the tube, close the gate and turn in either direction.

The cutter wheel automatically constricts as you turn the auto cuts knobs to twist. It has a ratchet handle capable of extra turning leverage. You will never unintentionally pinch the tubing due to the cutter wheel’s constant cutting pressure at spring.

Key Features:

  • The product dimensions are 7×4.75×1 inches.
  • ‌The item weight is 0.8 ounces and available in Black and orange color.
  • ‌It has auto cut tubing cutter 1/2 inch copper pipe.
  • ‌It has hardened steel cutting wheels.
  • ‌It is suitable for stub-out work.
  • ‌It has a spring-loaded cutting wheel.


  • ‌It is very easy to use and works within 30 seconds.
  • ‌The cutting produced clean, straight, and free from burrs.
  • ‌It is effective on work at the hard drawn type of copper tubing.
  • ‌It gives quality work on the tight areas.
  • ‌It is works fast, clean, cuts precisely on the mark without any distortion of the tubing.


  • ‌Not recommended to work on soft drawn copper tubing, advised by some users.

‌It may badly distort the end of the pipe and leaves a very bad burr that is almost impossible to remove. You can analyze the advantages and limitations of the General Copper Tubing Cutter. It may be suitable for your office or home task.

Pipe Cutter alternatives

1. RIDGID Close Quarters Tubing Cutter

It is specially designed for use in restricted spaces on small diameter tubing. The RIDGID 32985 Model 104 Close Quarters Tubing Cutter provides cutting tasks more flexible. It is manufacturable for durability and easy to use. The metal tube cutter characteristics a strong, lightweight slide and wheel housing. And a large knurled feed screw knob that outcome in clean cuts by ensuring easy control of cutting pressure.

You can use this cutter to cut not only hard and soft copper tube but also plastic, aluminium, brass tube. The cutting capacity of this cutter is 3/16 inch to 15/16 inch. The manufacturing company of RIDGID covers a lifetime warranty against defects in material or craftsmanship for the life of the tool.

Key Features:

  • ‌Available at a very low price from other sellers but not included on the free prime shipping offer.
  • ‌It can cut hard and soft copper, aluminum, brass, and plastic tubing.
  • ‌It is specially designed for use on small diameter tubing in limited spaces.
  • ‌It has a strong, lightweight slide and wheel housing,  large knurled feed screw knob allows easy management of cutting pressure for clean cuts.
  • ‌The tubing cutter has a 3/16 inch to 15/16 inch cutting capacity.
  • ‌The product dimensions are 5.91×3.94×3.94 inches.
  • ‌Item weight is 4.8 ounces and the material is aluminum.


  • ‌It can cut hard and soft copper, aluminum, brass, and plastic tubing.
  • ‌Lifetime warranty.
  • ‌Works great for cutting new brake lines.
  • ‌It fits in tight spaces and makes nice, clean cuts.


  • ‌Some users expressed that, it is poorly constructed not effective for professional use. 
  • In reality, this tool has no notch.

You can analyze the advantages and limitations of RIDGID 32985 Model 104 Close Quarters Tubing Cutter. It may be suitable for your plumbing task.

2. Master Plumber Large Tube Cutter

Suppose you want different types of tube cutters. The master plumber 745122 Large diameter Tube Cutter cuts 5/8″ to 2-7/8″ outer diameter tubing. It has a long-lasting construction.

Key Features:

  • ‌The product dimensions are 6.5×4.25×1.25 inches.
  • ‌The product color is black.
  • ‌It can cuts larger tubing.
  • ‌You can use it to cut 5/8″ to 2-1/8″ outer diameter tubing.
  • ‌It has long-lasting construction.


  • ‌It can cut 1- 1/2″ copper tubing without any problem.
  • ‌It can cut 2″ steel tubing like a champ.
  • ‌It is cheap compare to another cutter.


  • ‌Some users expressed that it is not a strong and durable cutting tool.

You can analyze the advantages and limitations of the Master Large Pipe Cutter. It may best suit your home or office task.

3. RIDGID 32975 Model Tubing Cutter

RIDGID 32975 Model Tubing Cutter is exceptional compare to another tubing cutter. It is specifically designed for employment in confined spaces on small diameter tubing. It makes tight cutting jobs more manageable. It is built for durability and easy to use. The copper tubing cutter has a 1/8 inch to 5/8 inch cutting capacity and effectively cut hard and soft copper aluminium, brass, and plastic tubing. RIDGID covers its products with a lifespan warranty against defects in material or artistry for the tool’s life.

Key features:

  • ‌It cuts hard and soft copper, aluminum,  brass, and plastic tubing.  
  • ‌It is particularly configured for use in restricted spaces on small diameter tubing.
  • ‌It has a strong, lightweight slide and wheel housing and a large knotted feed screw knob offers easy control of cutting pressure for clean cuts.
  • ‌The tubing cutter has a 1/8 inch ( 3 mm to 16 mm) cutting capacity.
  • ‌Rolles include grooves for close to flaring Cutts on models 101, 101 j, and 118.


  • ‌It can cut faster and stayed on the pipe while twisting.
  • ‌It can cut a few half-inch pipes perfectly.
  • ‌RIDGID covers its products with a lifetime warranty Against defects in material or workmanship for the life of the tool.


  • ‌Sometimes it did not stay on the pipe and took a long time to cut.
  • ‌Some users expressed that it is not working as like as its name brand.
  • ‌Compare the advantages and limitations of the RIDGID 32975 Model Tubing Cutter, it may best suit you.

How do you choose the Copper Pipe Cutter (Buying Guide)

There are some points you should before buying a Copper Pipe Cutter which is discussed below;


If you want to do self-work on slight plumbing issues at your home, you should have a handy copper pipe cutter. The features may significantly assist you.

Handle and Body:

If you want to cut a substantially larger copper pipe, you should use a larger handle and body. These you help to rotate the cutter around the pipe/tube. Most of the typical copper pipe cutters come with inbuilt reams that provide a clean and smooth cut. You may need to fitting on the pipe/tube later. The big cutter delivers the flawless finish that makes the bonding process more manageable.

‌Thumb type:

 If you want to work in a stiff position, a thumb type cutter may be suitable for you. If you are handling thin pipes, but need to cut an angle, the thumb type cutter is the best suit for you. This type of cutter cut through pipes up to 1-inch diameter without any difficulty.

‌Auto Cutters:

Besides the manual copper pipe cutter, there are available auto cutters in the marketplace. They are more practical to work on a constricted condition. It will automatically tighten the tool after each rotation. The auto cutters can save time and money by providing practical and hassle-free work.

The choice of copper pipe cutter relies on the objective of using the tool. You should invest money in the high-quality and trademark cutter to last for years, and you do not need to repay it.

How do you utilize a copper pipe cutter?

The upgrade copper pipe cutter may be useful and make it too easy to cut the plumbers’ copper pipe. But you should follow this procedure for more proper copper pipe cutting at plumbing jobs –

1. You should analyze and assess the copper pipe you want to cut for your utilization.

2. You should choose high quality and most upgrade copper pipe cutter and get the cutter blade to co-ordinate to the mark you made on the pipe.

3. You should try to get the blade as close to the mark as possible. It enables the spring load tooth to grab the pipe firmly. Use the tightening dial to assure that the cutter sits tightly on the copper pipe.

4. Then, the cutter will deliver an intimate tension, which is enough to move the blade and make an acceptable score on the mark.

5. You should turn the cutter around the mark. It will help you that the blade provides the correct score around the pipe. It excludes the need to thread the pipe before cutting.

6. Then you have the preliminary groove set, you can constrict the cutter. You should rotate or turn the cutter around the mark. Fortunately, with every turn, you can narrow the blade for a fast outcome. It won’t liberate the tension while cutting the pipe.

7. You should keep the process until the blade can cut the copper pipe properly. Then slowly, the blade should successfully be dissecting the pipe. It will provide you with a clean and fresh outcome. Finally, you can get proper copper pipe cutting.

Final Thought

The copper pipe cutters are one of the most significant instruments for plumbing purposes. There are numerous types of cutters, and you can choose the most upgrade and the latest version of copper pipe cutters. You should invest in the best quality copper pipe cutters. That will long-lasting and release you from wasting by repair. During home repayment, office management, water pipe cleaning the copper pipe cutter is the most demanding tool for the lineman. You should purchase the best quality copper pipe cutters.

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